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This Course Include

  • Expert-led lectures covering AI and ML essentials.
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Course Details 

Welcome to Syntax Academy's "Excel Intermediate" course! Whether you're a beginner eager to expand your Excel skills or an intermediate user looking to refine techniques, this program is designed for you.
Across 44 engaging videos, explore various Excel facets, from sorting and filtering data to creating dynamic charts and pivot tables. Learn advanced functions like DSum, DAverage, Subtotal, and powerful lookup functions such as VLookUp and HLookUp. Discover data validation, importing/exporting data, and mastering data consolidation and grouping.

What you will learn

  • Master essential shortcut keys for increased productivity.

  • Understand the concept and application of lists in Excel.

  • Learn various sorting techniques, including custom sort and sorting with multiple criteria.
  • Explore the functionalities of filters and format lists as tables for better organization.

  • Gain proficiency in database functions like DSum, DAverage, and DCount.

  • Utilize Subtotal to perform calculations on filtered data.

  • Implement data validation for error-free input.

  • Import and export data from/to text files and MS Access.

  • Create visually appealing charts and format them effectively.

  • Harness the power of pivot tables for data analysis and presentation.
  • Perform advanced data lookup using VLookUp, HLookUp, and Index-Match functions.
  • Understand financial functions like FV and PMT for financial analysis.
By course end, gain a solid grasp of Excel's intermediate features, empowering you to confidently tackle real-world data management and analysis tasks.

Course contents